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# About Us

Over the past two decades, the monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus) populations have declined significantly due to a variety of factors. Arkansas lies within the spring breeding area and is a critical part of the migratory flyway of the monarch.

In November 2015, a planning team sponsored the Arkansas Monarch Summit. Summit participants agreed that Arkansas’s strategy for monarch butterfly conservation should focus on expanding and creating milkweed and nectar plant habitat necessary to support robust breeding and successful migration throughout the state. Moreover, participants agreed that while the monarch butterfly is the primary concern, the plight of all pollinator species needed to be included as part of the strategy and overall message. As a direct result of summit deliberations, the Arkansas Monarch Conservation Partnership (AMCP) and subsequent steering committee was formed.

In May 2018, the Arkansas Monarch and Pollinator Conservation Plan was finalized. This statewide, strategic plan details specific goals, objectives, and strategies for partners and Arkansans to help monarchs and our native pollinators.

Our partners officially signed a Memorandum of Cooperation in November 2019 to publicly show their support and commitment to the Arkansas Monarch Conservation Partnership and the strategic “Plan”.

# Mission

Working together to create, enhance, and conserve monarch and pollinator habitat in The Natural State.

# Vision

Our vision is to help Arkansans share appreciation for the importance and value of monarch butterflies and pollinators, and to work to conserve healthy habitats that support robust populations of these species across The Natural State.

# Goals

The steering committee finalized the Arkansas Monarch and Pollinator Conservation Plan in May 2018. Our statewide strategic plan outlines specific goals and objectives for creating and enhancing habitat, research and monitoring of monarchs and native pollinators, and outreach and education efforts.